Note: Filing deadline for federal, state, and county office for the November 6, 2018 election has passed. We may still be updating a few forms. Thank you!

How to Run for Federal, State, County Office

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What qualifications do I need to meet?

All candidates running for office in Texas need to meet basic requirements for the position, including age, citizenship status, residency and other requirements.

Important qualification documents:

Where do I file?

Who you file with, and where the paperwork goes, depends on the office you are running for in Texas.

If you are running for an office based in one county, you file to run for office with your local county Democratic county chair.

If you are running for an office that represents more than one county, such as a statewide office, district attorney and many state senate and representative seats, you file with the Texas Democratic Party, 1106 Lavaca St #100, Austin, TX 78701 by mail or in person. 

Filing Hours:

TDP will be open by appointment on any other weekend during filing period. Call Glen Maxey at 512-656-6337 for appointment.

Important filing documents:

Name a Treasurer

Before you raise or spend a single dollar for your campaign, you should file a campaign treasurer.

If you are running for U.S. Representative or U.S Senate, you file with the Federal Election Commission.

If you are running for a State office or for District Judge, you file your treasurer with the Texas Ethics Commission.

If your office is a countywide or county district office, you file your treasurer with the County Clerk in person.

Important treasurer documents:

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