I want Senator Wendy Davis to be the next Governor of Texas.


Join me today and say "I Want Wendy!"


If we're going to win this thing, we're going to need thousands of Texans like you to join a grassroots movement to elect Senator Davis.


Texans are ready for change -- and for a leader that represents all of us. Someone who will fight for good schools for our children, equal pay for equal work, and for healthcare for our families. Senator Davis is that leader.


How will we win? With supporters like you. We will phone bank every day, volunteer in campaign offices, donate to the campaign, host events in our homes, and talk to everyone we know about why we want Wendy Davis as the next Governor of Texas.


Can you do that for Wendy?


Senator Wendy Davis is one of the bright stars of the Texas Democratic Party, and I hope you'll join me and urge Senator Davis to run for Governor of Texas.


I know she can win this thing. She's faced long odds before -- and they've never stopped her. But before she decides to run, we need to let her know we have her back.


Join me today and say "I Want Wendy!"


Let's do this.


Gilberto Hinojosa
Chairman, Texas Democratic Party